What’s Cookin’ Now: Grow Appalachia! Mystery Baskets! Intrigue!

Jenny tasting her bounty, w/Maggie Ashmore from Grow Appalachia looking on. Photos by the incredibly talented Ellen Wayne.

What’s Cookin’ Now – 9-5-12

In the September podcast of the world’s only live radio cooking show that we know of, WMMT’s What’s Cookin’ Now!, intrepid hosts Jonathan Piercy & Jenny Williams threw themselves back into the breach for an extra-special edition of the program.

Maggie Ashmore & Kathleen Powers, from the Pine Mountain Settlement School site of the incredibly cool Grow Appalachia program, brought with them a Mystery Basket, an unknown-to-our-hosts assortment of food from their garden for Jonathan and Jenny to somehow assemble into a meal, in an hour, while on the radio.

We’d go into what they made and did, but that would spoil the surprise and/or intrigue – would they make it?  Could they come up with dishes on the fly?  Would they collapse under the pressure of the untold millions listening live on the radio?  Would the tasting & dishwashing panel mutiny and overthrow the hosts in a delicious, tasty coup?  So many questions, and we don’t want to spoil it for you. 

But here’s what we will say: Jonathan made cocktails, they worked with the food pictured at right, and you should really, really head to their blog and read their fantastic recap, where you’ll find a detailed account of their experience working on the fly and many, many more incredible photos taken by Ellen Wayne.

For more on Grow Appalachia, check out their blog, or if you’re hip to facebook, “like” their page here.  See you next month!

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