...sustainably raised Kentucky meat!

What’s Cookin’ Now-3-9-12

In the March edition of What’s Cookin’ Now!, hosts Jonathan and Jenny are joined by Will Bowling of the Old Homeplace Farm, a sustainably-managed family farm located in Clay County, KY.

Will was generous enough to donate to the show a delicious selection of locally-raised, grass-fed meats, that Jonathan and Jenny prepared in a variety of ways.  Listen as the gang prepares lamb sausage live on-air, chops lamb’s liver for a pâté, creates cow-tongue tacos, and grills some most succulent steaks out on the Opulent Appalshop Kitchen Complex’s Grand Veranda-Deck Annex.


For more on the Old Homeplace Farm (including info on ordering your own sustainably raised Kentucky meat!), check out their website at oldhomeplacefarm.com.

For more What’s Cookin’ Now!, listen to previous episodes in our streaming archives section and check out Jenny & Jonathan’s fantastic blog at whatscookinnow.org.  Finally, be sure to join us on Wednesday, April 4 for the next thrilling installment of the World’s Only Live Radio Cooking Show That We Know Of on the Best Little Radio Station In Said World, WMMT 88.7 FM.

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